Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Items

Well I have added a few new items to the shop that I haven't mentioned. First I added a crochet hat. I have crocheted for a long time, but nothing on Etsy until last week. The best part about the hat is that my little peanut is wearing it :) She is the best model.

Also, I added today a new doll. Her name is Thuy (named after my first custom Asian order) and she is the Asian version of the dolls I already have posted. Since I have had 3 requests for Asian dolls I thought it might be time to add them to the inventory :)


  1. I love her!! and I esp. love her name! =)

    Be sure to enter the giveaway this week!!

  2. Hi there! Just added you today, looking forward to seeing more of your lovely crafts!