Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Etsy Chats

Well everyone I have been spending some time in the Etsy chat rooms. I have to say I really enjoy them. You get to know some new people, and even if it is not something you are looking for you can keep them in mind for later.

The other thing I have enjoyed from the chats is trading. So far I think I have made some really great deals. I haven't gotten my items yet, but I am still really excited.

They also have some featured seller rooms. I was only featured once for all the time I have spent in them. It also seems a lot of the stuff is sorry to say, not that nice. Or if it is nice is overpriced or just not my taste. There is always a lot of jewelry which is not my thing (I make my own), or it is people trying to make the first sale. Don't get me wrong I can relate it was only a week or so ago I got mine.

I have added some change purses to the store also. They are for donations. So anyone interested in change purses check them out.

I also added a new bag after the extended weekend. I think it came out great!!! Let me know what you think.

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  1. On the blog giveaway I have linked to my shop. You just have to comment and tell her what products you like best and there are other ways of getting more chances to win like following her blog, etc. and if you are the winner, she will post it on her blog and most likely send you an email as well. When you leave a comment, make sure you provide your email address as well for contact! Good Luck! =)