Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EtsyNJ Mclinky

I am part of the EtsyNJ team and we are trying out this McLinky thing. So far it is our first try and we have had a few bugs, but hopefully next week will be smooth sailing.

I am going to feature www.loveamarie.etsy.com . I love her shop!!! I make bags myself, but nothing that even comes close to what she has. I have admired them for sometime now, and who knows one of these days I'll scrounge up the money and splurge on one :)

Please enjoy her shop and spread the Etsy love.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Custom Order

I just have to share!!! I finished this custom order over the weekend, and am uber impressed with myself. It is for a flower girl in a wedding. This is a size 2, but I have one more to make in a size 4. So what does everyone think? Isn't it awesome :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well I joined a new team last month. The UWIB Team (Unique Women in Business). I am really enjoying it. Teams in general seem to be very supportive. I am a member of the bag making team, the crochet team, etsy moms, and etsy NJ. So far, for me, the best teams have been the UWIB and the EtsyNJ team.
My theory on this is, the NJ team is great because we are all local. We can talk about upcoming events in our state. It keeps you very informed of what shows are good, what aren't worth your time, and ones that are for like churches and things that you might not have heard about otherwise.
The UWIB team is great because it is all people that really want to be successful, but we want others to be successful as well. It is a supportive group and even though we all sell completely different items the information I have gained so far, has been really helpful. One of the members just went to a buyers market for the first time and we were all excited to hear how it went. (Personally never realized there was such a thing)
But anyway, my purpose in this post is to recommend that anyone who is not on a team, join one. If nothing else it links you with other sellers. When someone in your team gets a treasury they will look within the team, and other buyers may choose to search for others on that team. In closing it is a good idea and you shouldn't miss out :)