Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorites Friday

This week my favorite is again something that I saw in the chat rooms. I have to say for anyone looking for some good exposure I would definitly do the chat rooms. They are alot of fun, you meet some really cool people, and you get free exposure. I've made 2 sales and at least 3 trades from chat rooms.

Anyway.... back to my favorite for the week. I saw these cute little guys in the chat rooms and fell in love. They are made by She only has a few too choose from (which is probably a good thing since I wouldn't be able to decide between even what she has) but they are all adorable.

This one is named Sweetums, which I would say seems appropriate. Some of the others are Ellie, Murple, and AyLee Ann.

As I always say please check out her shop and show her some Etsy love.


  1. So so cute!
    I love bears :)

    Sometimes I go in the chat rooms but I just don't know what to say :p

  2. I LOVE her work!! Leny Lambchops is my fave. :)